To ensure the safety of your crew, BrandSafway provides engineering services from one of the largest in-house engineering staffs in the industry, as well as training services on the erection and dismantle of QuikDeck®. A complete turnkey package includes P.E.- stamped engineering drawings and delivery options.

The QuikDeck® Suspended Access System meets or exceeds federal safety and health requirements and has a 4-to-1 factor of safety.

QuikDeck Basic Components

■  Joists: carry the load
■  Nodes: connect joist and suspension
■  Pins: connect joist to nodes
■  Deck Supports: support the decking panels
■  Beam Clamps: connect platform to structure
■  Chain: suspends platform
■  Plywood Decking: provides solid work surface
■  Guardrails and Toe Boards: ensure safety

Watch a QuikDeck® Installation to learn more.

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For the QuikDeck® assembly guide and documentation not listed below, please fill out our contact us form.

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QuikDeck® The Access Advantage (Brochure; ORN 1801) BSL 1801
QuikDeck® Offshore Testimonial (ORN 1888) ORN 1888
QuikDeck® Testimonial – Alexandra Bridge (ORN 1889) ORN 1889
QuikDeck® Product Selection Guide (ORN 1810) ORN 1810
QuikDeck® Safety Guidelines (ORN 1802) ORN 1802
QuikDeck® Power Generation Solutions (ORN 0928) BSL 928
QuikDeck® Bridge Access (ORN 0929) BSL 929
QuikDeck® Offshore Testimonial – Grand Banks (ORN 0989) ORN 989
Download ↓ Español View PDF
Sistema Suspendido de Acceso QuikDeck®: La ventaja del acceso (ORN 1801S) ORN 1801S
Lineamientos de Seguridad para Sistema Suspendido de Acceso QuikDeck® (ORN 1802S ORN 1802S
Sistema suspendido de acceso QuikDeck® Guía de selección de productos (ORN 1810S) ORN 1810S
QuikDeck® Costa afuera Testimonios – Alaska (ORN 1888S) ORN 1888S
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Système d’accès suspendu QuikDeck®: L’avantage de l’accès. (ORN 1801F) ORN 1801F
Guide de sélection de produits pour le Système d’accès suspendu QuikDeck® (ORN 1810F) ORN 1810F
Lignes directrices pour le Système d’accès suspendu QuikDeck® (ORN 1802F) ORN 1802F
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Sistema de Acesso Suspenso QuikDeck®: A vantagem do acesso (ORN 1801P) ORN 1801P
Sistema de Acesso Suspenso QuikDeck®: Guia de Seleção do Produto (ORN 1810P) ORN 1810P