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Park Shore Tower Condominiums QuikDeck-SnapshotAbout the Park Shore Tower QuikDeck Project

Complete scaffold solutions, from top to bottom.

The Safway Fort Myers branch provided a variety of products and services to help renovate the damaged Park Shore Condominiums after Hurricane Wilma in 2005.

Getting Started

Systems™ Scaffold encompassed the building’s entire perimeter: 900 feet around the building and 240 feet high. The scaffold structure was designed to withstand 140 mile per hour winds in the event of an impending storm.

Transport Platforms were provided for material handling and personnel access for all the elevations, including the roof. These hoists were a perfect fit for this project, as they maximized each material load and helped maintain an accelerated schedule.

In addition, Suspended Swing Stages and Adjust-A-Shore™ shoring was used to support the scaffolding and transport platforms.

At its start, the Park Shore project was the largest scaffolding project in Florida. Originally scheduled to take 22 months, the Park Shore Condominiums project
was complete in eight months thanks to exceptional coordination and planning.

Working from Top to Bottom

Led by the Facchina HSC team, the renovation project was completed from the top of the building to the ground floor.

By erecting scaffold around the full circumference of a portion of the building, crews could work within entire floors instead of vertical segments of the complex.

To perform the work, the contractor required 11 fully planked levels along with inspection decks every 35 feet to allow the Competent Person to perform
inspections. Required daily, scaffold inspections ensured all 950 ties were in place and secured to the building.

Once all scaffolding and four Transport Platforms were installed, the scaffolding was enclosed to minimize debris from blowing onto other nearby condos and the beach. This was extremely important to the owner as this project would be ongoing during the peak of the tourist season.

Staying on Task

Work progressed quickly on the project, even while the building was still occupied by some residents.

Crews used the scaffolding for a variety of work, including stripping and replacing the building’s exterior.

Safety was a critical aspect of the project. Both Facchina HSC and Safway site safety supervisors made scaffold safety a priority, especially with the fast-paced work generated by efficient project planning and cooperation.

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