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BrandSafway’s QuikShield® Suspended Access System is an easy-to-assemble rental solution that provides safe, stable working conditions and superior material handling options.

QuikShield offers fast assembly and dismantle, excellent containment options, better material handling, improved safety and cost-effective rental pricing. When you rent QuikShield for your next project, you can add up the savings in time and money.

“QuikShield provides much more traction, plus it gives us a more secure feeling. Stability-wise and strength-wise, there’s no comparison to the other systems we’ve worked on.” —J.F. White Contracting Company

A New Way to Think about Suspended Access

It’s a fact that high-quality access results in better insulation and superior coatings. That’s why you’ll want to consider QuikShield, BrandSafway’s game-changing, turnkey rental solution, for your next project.

Offering easy assembly with no specialized tools or labor, QuikShield is especially well suited for large or long-term projects. Plywood decking in galvanized steel frames is lightweight, replaceable and stacks for easy shipping. Flat, non-slip decking minimizes slips, trips, and falls and also makes it easier to remove grit and keep its surface clean from debris. Dual, galvanized, seven-sixteenths wire rope provides redundant suspension and prevents tendon failure when coupled with three-eighths-inch galvanized and powder-coated chain. Rigid, adjustable-height guardrails increase security.

Smarter Material Handling

Once assembled, QuikShield provides a flat, non-slip deck surface for easy visual inspection and optimal material handling, a significant factor in improving safety as well as reducing costs and savings. Complementary products include supported scaffolding, rolling towers, lifts, material and personnel hoists, mast climbers and swing stages. Containment options include HAKI® equipment and products, tarps and shrink wrap.

Engineered for Perfection

BrandSafway is committed to delivering the engineering support, training and expertise to optimize the safest, most efficient and productive use of our products and solutions. With the largest in-house research, development and engineering department in the industry, BrandSafway can design and plan every aspect of your project to provide a detailed and comprehensive multiservice solution. Supported by state-of-the-art 3D computer-aided design (CAD) and structural analysis software, our licensed civil, structural and mechanical engineers can develop custom, innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of any project at the lowest installed cost.

Project Management Ensures High Performance

Once you’re ready to begin work on-site, you can count on BrandSafway to provide experienced, industry-specific project management and field supervision to deliver hands-on direction and oversight. From pre-job conferences and on-site inventory management to delivery of products and services, BrandSafway’s project managers can oversee the entire job for you.

Award-winning Safety

BrandSafway has an outstanding track record in safety, which was highlighted by EHS Today magazine when we were named one of America’s safest companies. With our extensive experience in safety, we can provide on-site expertise to assist in field management, including assurance of OSHA, Cal/OSHA and OH&S compliance. In addition, we are the only company with our own training university. We are able to provide site safety professionals, who receive support from the largest in-house safety team in the industry and are on the job to assist in safety promotion and accident prevention.

The BrandSafway Advantage

The versatility of our products and services, however, is only part of the BrandSafway advantage. BrandSafway offers access, industrial services and forming and shoring solutions to more than 32,000 customers through a workforce of approximately 35,000 employees, who support our network of 350 strategic locations across 30 countries.

Let Us Partner With You

By combining BrandSafway’s extensive product, service and technology resources together with our expertise and experience, we will work with you as a strategic partner, developing and implementing safe, high-quality, innovative and cost-effective multiservice solutions at the lowest total installed cost. We look forward to partnering with you on your next project.

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